Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Car Insurance Quotes - about to make the call

We've seen tons of ads, heard tons of ads, been inundated with advertisements about getting a free insurance quote from this company or that.

Veterinary Pet Health Insurance: Get the Best Care for Your Pet

When your pet falls ill or gets injured, do you leave it unattended because of the high costs of veterinary treatments? If yes, then you can avoid this by purchasing a veterinary pet health insurance.

Insurance trouble could affect practice

A contract dispute between Bloomington Hospital and Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield could prove costly for patients of Salt Creek Family Practice, because the hospital owns the Nashville office.

Single-payer insurance could help solve US health care crisis

What is the most pressing problem facing the US economy? A good case can be made for the developing health care crisis. Submitted by Brian Guadagno to Healthy Living | Note-it! | Add a Comment.

Getting Insurance Company Approval

For those of you who have succeeded in getting insurance company approval for continuous glucose sensors, I would like to know:. What did you provide by way of blood sugar data?